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Hello, Rachel, Ed, Lawrence, Chris: Bill Scher is Right: Stop Obsessing about the Debate and Polls


Bill Scher is right. Stop reading the polls and read the debate transcript instead. And here’s what to do next:

First, remember Reagan’s loss of the first debate in 1984?  Did Reagan go on to lose the election? No. Remember John Kerrey’s win of the first debate in 2004?  Did he win the electon? No. The debates usually mean squat. And now they have deteriorated to the point of meaningless show. But what your parade of idiots has done meanwhile is fan a whole new round of poll results. Their fumes have continued unabated and are creating the beginnings of a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you do not STFU, and SOON, you will destroy Democrats’ chances. You are taking the worst, most awkward, most unqualified (by virtue of his own conflicts of interest and reckless and inhumane business habits), and most untruthful candidate in a century and making him more viable. The man is the essence of what is wrong with our country’s Wall Streeters. And you try to render him credible while he spews more lies per hour than any pol has ever done?

He plans to destroy nearly every program that helps ordinary Americans. He plans to steal our educational institutions, programs for the poor, retirements and then lies about it. Do not let him get away with it. He plans to launch endless war, give our money to the rich (trickle up).  He plans to gut regulation (despite his lies last Wednesday). Don’t let him get away with it. It’s drill, baby, drill. And forget the consequences to Americans.

Then, second,  remember this: The debate transcript is chock full of ammunition to defeat Mitt Romney, every single lie in it. Comb through it. Write more about it. Talk it up on the airwaves. A few (like Think Progress and even the NYT) have done it, but not most of you. As the U2 song says “You’re stuck and in the moment and you can’t get out of it.”

The Progressive chatterng class currently is an abomination of impotent turds. From Ed Shultz to Chris  Matthews, from Cenk Uyger to Eliot Spitzer, from Rachel Maddow to Lawrence O’Donnell, the progressive chattering elite is so stupid it defies imagination. Want more names, Chattering Class?  Here are more: Jennifer Granholm, Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Steve Kornacki, et al. I am talking to you!

Wake up and stick to the facts. Stop the self-serving hand-wringing.  A candidate does not justifiably win the presidency based on a load of lies, bigger than any candidate has ever told, that is, unless you fail us!  Make sure it doesn’t happen.  Get the fact checks on the airwaves before it is too late. Push them to the other media beyond cable. You can do it. Mitt doesn’t care about fact checks, but most Americans do.  And not one more word about last week. Get over it! The future is now.


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