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“Macaca” Man and Anti-GLBT Bigot Eugene Delgaudio: Perfect Together!


Recently, we heard the news that Loudoun County’s embarrassment, Eugene Delgaudio, isn’t just the head of a Southern Poverty Law Center-labeled anti-LGBT hate group, he’s also been “using taxpayer-funded resources to raise money for political uses,” something that’s “a violation of public trust and ethics, as well as of Loudoun County’s policies.” Apparently, the FBI “has made inquiries” into Delgaudio’s activities. Also, recently, the SPLC sent a “cease and desist letter” to Delgaudio and the hate group he heads, demanding that they “stop misusing [a] gay couple’s engagement photo.”

Sadly, none of this is new for Delgaudio. For more of this guy’s insanity and bigotry, click here, here, here, here, here, and here – and that’s just for starters. Given that background, you’d think that no sane politician would want to be seen anywhere near Delgaudio, let alone photographed endorsing the wacko. Yet, this morning on the Loudoun County Democratic Committee’s Facebook page, what did I see but a photo showing George Allen standing right beside his apparent BFF, Eugene Delgaudio. I also noticed a link to right-wing blog Nova Townhall, which has Allen’s “statement of endorsement for Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.” Among other things, Allen calls Delgaudio “a great guy and a great worker,” “a person who is applying those common sense conservative principles” and “a firebrand for our principles.” What ARE those “principles” exactly? In Delgaudio’s case, it’s being a wacked-out, homophobic hatemonger. And George Allen? Well, we know all about HIS history, and it’s not a pretty one. In other words, Allen and Delgaudio are the perfect duo, espousing their “conservative principles” like…uh, the stuff listed above. Great…

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