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Sorry, Bob, the Only Thing “Laughable” Is Your Evasions and Lies


Watch this video and please let me know if you: a) hear an answer to Andrea Mitchell’s perfectly reasonable question, the same question Chris Wallace of Fox News tried (but failed) to get answered from Paul Ryan this weekend; b) can find almost anything fully truthful in what McDonnell’s spewing out; or c) feel proud that this guy’s your governor. My answer to all those questions: NO!

UPDATE: The Washington Post is up with an editorial correctly pointing out that “Mr. Ryan dodged, hiding behind a flimsy scaffolding of pseudo-wonkiness.” Well, Bob McDonnell did the same thing, except that he’s not even pseudo-wonky; in fact, T-Bob doesn’t have a clue about federal budgeting, or much of anything else, including how Virginia “balanced its budget” (a bunch of gimmicks and shell game tricks, plus thank you federal “stimulus!”).


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