More Pathological Ideas from Paul Ryan


    Paul Ryan has admitted they (he, Mitt and the GOP) are waging class warfare. But he blames it on the Dems. “We should not shy away from class warfare” he said. He blames President Obama and the Democrats for it. Instead of working to help the poor and Middle Class better their lives, Ryan thinks he should obliterate all the programs that helped to build the Middle Class.  Then he accuses them of class envy.

    He falsely accuses Democrats of thinking one’s class is fixed, while at the same time working to assure that that is exactly what happens and will continue to happen. After all the Koch’s and the Waltons aren’t rich enough.  But Ryan wants to throw more tax breaks from them and make the rest of us pay for them. But that is class envy?  In fact, the Koch’s, Walton’s and the rest of the 1% are so contemptuous of the Middle lass and the poor that they have hired the entire GOP goon squad to make sure the Middle Class disappears.  Thirty-plus years have shown the abject failure of trickle down voodoo “economics.”  Who is waging class warfare again? It doesn’t trickle down. Never has and never will.

    Here’s the full quote.  Notice the utter fabrication of a justification for his own contempt and class warfare.

    “We should not shy away from class warfare,” Ryan said. “We should take this head on, which is, the president is preying on the emotions of fear, envy and resentment, and he’s speaking to people in America as if they’re fixed in some class. That’s the European model. That’s the model our ancestors left to come create an opportunity society, equality of opportunity, equal protection of the law — not equality of outcome. Government’s role is not to equalize the results of our lives. And we should take that on in a moral way and defend the system of upward mobility.”

    Insulting and hypocritical: Ryan has made both terms an art form.

    Now comes this gem from a year ago, uncovered by Mother Jones.  Paul Ryan wants to make America into a tax shelter for other nations.  Take a look.  Instead of removing incentives for corporations to move jobs offshore, he wants to turn us into a banana republic.  Don’t bring jobs. Just bring the money changers. The guy is anything if not pathological.


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