My Visit to Hardee’s Today


    My wife and I decided to go to our newly remodeled Hardee’s today for our lunch break. We have been patrons of this restaurant for more than ten years. We were talking about the new decor and were watching the new television when we realized that it was on Fox News. I asked the server if we could change the channel and she told us that the manager was the only one allowed to touch the remote, but she would pass along our request. She returned to inform me that the television had to remain on Fox News. I asked to speak to the manager. She came to our table and repeated what the server had told us. She said she first put the television on ESPN, but was told by her district manager that the television was to remain on Fox News at all times. I have known this person for many years and I could tell that she was not happy with this, but the decision was not hers to make. She was kind enough to turn the volume off while we were there. Just wanted to pass along my experience for the day.