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Re-Mix: George Felix Allen, Confederate


It is beyond amazing that George Allen presents himself again to Virginians as a supposedly acceptable candidate for public office. The list of reasons not to vote for George Felix Allen is long. But none is so compelling as the issue of the kind of man he is. He is almost pathologically nasty. And he wraps himself in the worst trappings of bigotry and hatred. It is more amazing still that his voters either do not know about his history of intolerance or do not care.  

Lest anyone forget, it is time to remind the electorate of what George Felix Allen is really like.  Here is a must-watch and must share video. Some of you have no doubt seen this on the Rachel Maddow show. But it is well worth the time to view it again and send it to those you think need to see it.  

You have to wonder: How does the GOP dredge up its candidates? Did they not learn the last time they gave voters Felix?  Did they not think we’ve all had enough of the guy on the TV last time? One thing that we will all appreciate is that when Tim Kaine trounces this guy, he will disappear from a TV screen near you. And how the hell do people vote for this guy?  


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