Romney University 103: What Mitt Romney’s Medicare changes mean for Virginia


    Today’s Romney University video from former Congressman Tom Perriello is What Mitt Romney’s Medicare changes mean for Virginia. It is based our joint report with the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

    • Seniors in Virginia would lose health care benefits and pay more. Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan would force seniors in the state to pay at least $639 more for their prescription drugs each year. At the same time, the Romney-Ryan plan to turn Medicare into a voucher would cost current seniors at least $11,000 more out of pocket.
    • Romney’s plan is even worse for the future seniors. Because of cost shifting and increases in system-wide health care costs, Medicare costs for future seniors who become eligible for Medicare after 2022 will increase dramatically under the Romney-Ryan plan. Specifically, upon retirement:  

      • Today’s 54-year-old will have to pay increased Medicare costs of $59,450
      • Today’s 49-year-old will have to pay $124,626 more/li>
      • Today’s 39-year-old will have to pay $216,631 more
      • Today’s 29-year-old will have to pay $331,170 more

    • Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan claim that no one over 55 will be affected by their plan to turn Medicare into a voucher. But that’s simply not true. The reason: Seniors across our country are already benefiting from changes to Medicare because of Obamacare.
    • In Virginia more than 559,753 seniors who rely on their Medicare benefits receive one or more preventive services–such as cancer screenings, diabetes testing, and bone density scans–free of charge through their Medicare plan. This is saving Virginia seniors money each year and also providing them with the care needed to protect their health.

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