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Sen. McEachin Calls for Virginia Investigation into Voter Registration Forms Trashing Case


From Sen. Donald McEachin (D-Richmond), with regard to this story.

Senator McEachin Calls on Attorney General to Investigate Discarded Voter Registration Forms

Henrico – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today called on Attorney General Cuccinelli to conduct a thorough, open and transparent investigation into the recently discovered discarded voter registration forms found in a Rockingham County dumpster. Senator McEachin said, “This is simply too serious an issue. Voting is the bedrock of our democracy and we, as Virginians, deserve to know exactly what happened, how widespread the abuse and under whose orders, if any, the individual in question acted.

“Apparently, the suspect has or had ties to the National Republican Party. Was he perpetrating this under their orders? Is this the only time he has done this? And, how can we be sure that other individuals, also acting in response to Republican demands, have not done the very same action? Is this part of a pervasive pattern of trying to deprive Virginians of their constitutional rights? What other actions, if any, have been taken in pursuit of that egregious goal?

“We have heard a lot from Republicans both in the Virginia General Assembly and across the country about their numerous fears that voters were committing fraud. It certainly looks like, instead, the fraud is being committed by the Republicans on the voters.

“The only way we, as citizens of this Commonwealth, can feel confident that the voting system, and therefore, our democracy is sound, is for there to be a complete, honest, and total investigation into the allegations. This should be done by our Attorney General and his office as the lawyers for the Commonwealth. I call on Attorney General Cuccinelli to open the investigation immediately so that, by Election Day, Virginians can have total faith and confidence in the system as they go to the polls to cast their ballots,” Senator McEachin concluded.


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