State Department Chain of Command: The Buck Stops


    Yesterday Hillary Clinton set the record straight again and gave a lesson in how the government works.  (Joe Biden set the record straight the first time.) Except for unusual circumstances, the White House doesn’t handle embassy security requests. The State Dept does.

    Requests for more assistance go up the chain of command to the Secretary of State. But, as I’ll discuss in a moment, the Secretary cannot provide what she doesn’t have money for. Security is handled by both the US military, usually the USMC and private security. Indeed, some of the more infamous private security firms, who are big Republican donors, btw, got the contracts for doing so.

    Additionally, as most people know (or at least the hope is…), Paul Ryan led the charge to cut the Dept of State Security for embassies. Paul Ryan did this. Now, I am not directly blaming Paul Ryan for the deaths. The perpetrators did that. But he is surely more responsible for what happened than either Hillary Clinton or President Obama.  It is more than absurd for Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the hordes of PAC funders to pretend that the President is to blame.The GOP has a track record for slashing support and then blaming resulting inefficiency’s and problems on the very people they have punked.  


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