The Farm Team Hosts WomenVote! FarmFest 2012


    With Virginia a battleground state in 2012, the women's vote will be more important than ever. The Democratic majority status in the US Senate could well hinge on the outcome of the Tim Kaine/George Allen senate race, and women will make the difference for Tim Kaine and President Obama.

    The Farm Team was founded four years ago to support Virginia women running for office who share our Democratic values. And while this is an “off-year” for state elections, we are supporting a number of local and Congressional candidates across the state that need our help.

    In order to keep women energized to vote, and to support our endorsed candidates, we are hosting a family-friendly political event this weekend to bring women together and showcase their campaigns and accomplishments.

    We hope you will join us in support of these women and Tim Kaine and President Obama. The event will be held at a lavender farm in Catlett, VA – owned by 2 generations of women.  There will be wine tastings from women-owned vineyards, locally sourced ice cream – including the debut of lavender ice cream – and voter registration and absentee ballots as well as advocacy groups and candidate information.

    We are honored to have Hon. Anne Holton, State Sen. Mamie Locke, chair of the VA Legislative Black Caucus and a long list of other speakers join us. The Fabulous Mary Ann Redmond and her band will perform throughout the day. The farm is less than an hour from Fairfax and Fredericksburg. To see the full list of speakers, latest video and how to buy tickets, check our invite out.  


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