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Video: Tom Perriello Explains the True Cost of Romney-Ryan to Virginians


On Monday evening, former Rep. Tom Perriello, who now heads up the Center for American Progress Action Fund, was at George Mason University’s Arlington campus to deliver a lecture (to a packed room of concerned Virginians) called “Romney University” – a “crash course in what a Romney-Ryan presidency would mean for women, seniors, veterans, and students across the Commonwealth.”

Perriello’s excellent, highly informative (not to mention infuriating to think about what Romney and Ryan want to do to us!) lecture is based on this study, which basically finds that middle-class Virginians would get hurt badly, as would seniors, students, and many others.

Who would benefit? Other than millionaires and billionaires, people like top Romney donor Sheldon Adelson – absolutely nobody. Anyway, I strongly encourage you to check out Tom Perriello explaining, in 8 minutes, how bad Romney-Ryan would be for Virginia. Then, get out and work your butt off the next 27 days to make sure that Romney and Ryan come nowhere near the White House. Thanks.

P.S. Great job by Anna Scholl and Brian Devine of ProgressVA in helping pull this together, including shooting the video.


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