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Virginia (and Sandy) News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, October 29. By the way, Nate Silver’s model now has President Obama back up to a 74.6% chance of winning reelection, while the “Now-Cast” has him a 80.1%, the highest since September 9.

*D.C. area forecast: Sandy ready to power slam the nation’s capital; downed trees, dangerous travel and power outages imminent (“At this point it’s pretty simple. Don’t go out if you don’t need to today. If you have to get somewhere this morning, it won’t be pleasant but you probably can if you’re careful. By around mid-afternoon, it becomes life-threatening”)

*Only one scenario left, and it’s severe

*Mystery math (“Mr. Romney’s tax plan still doesn’t add up.”)

*Kaine maintains lead over Allen in U.S. Senate race in Va., Post poll finds

*Sandy deluges Outer Banks, creeps toward Hampton Roads

*Monday should be Sandy’s worst for Virginia

*McDonnell: Expect storm-related damage, outages in Virginia

*Sandy scrambles campaign schedules in Virginia

*Warner: Storm won’t hurt voting

*Kaine looks to be a ‘bridge builder’ in Senate

*In Middle of Messy Election, Nightmare Makes Landfall

*State will ask voter registrars to extend hours

*Metrorail, buses, federal government offices shut down (“A guide to school, office, transportation and other closures starting Monday.”)

*State agencies closed Monday because of storm

*Arlington seeks voter OK for $80m aquatic center

*Captain Kirk (“R.J. Kirk was wrong to resign from the Board of Visitors without proper notice”)

*Steelers dominate Redskins, 27-12


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