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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines for Tuesday, October 30. Thank goodness, this storm seems to be almost over, with “only” 127,786 customers (out of 2,463,844) losing power in Virginia. As you’ll see below, it’s much worse to our north and east.

*Washington to Stay Shut Tuesday

*Sandy swamps New York (“More than 6 million on East Coast lose power in storm”)

*Analyst estimates $20B in economic damage

*Superstorm Sandy updates: Blizzard warnings prompt McDonnell to send help to Western Va.

*Region saw winds, floods, but not the worst of Sandy

*Romney passes the buck for Sandy (“His plan for disasters: Make the states pay.”)

*High wind, outages should continue into today

*Braced for Sandy (“The Washington region’s preparations are a welcome contrast to those of years past”)

*McDonnell: ‘It’s still a very dangerous weather situation’

*Dana Milbank: A perfect political storm

*Obama And Romney’s Record: Climate Silence When Disasters Strike

*People Who Can’t Do Math Are So Mad At Nate Silver (Or understand one thing about statistics…)

*Mitt Romney Has Been Telling A Huge Whopper About The Auto Industry, And His Campaign Is Finally Paying For It

*Absentee voting down all across Virginia

*5th District rivals taking different approach to employment (“Rep. Robert Hurt says less regulation is needed, while John Douglass backs more training and education.”)

*Troubling ties in voter fraud case

*Editorial: The odor of voter fraud (“Any evidence of questionable election activities should be promptly investigated.”)

*Question on seizing of property is at stake

*Powell, Cantor take 7th District fight to the airwaves with new ads

*Tim Kaine says Bill Clinton presided over “biggest” U.S. economic expansion since World War II

*U-Va.’s Sullivan was hired as an interim, ex-member of board says (This bizarre story goes on and on…)

*Crew member’s body recovered after storm proves too much for tall ship

*Storm swamps Va.’s Chincoteague Island

*Sandy will linger in D.C. area Tuesday, less than an inch of rain expected

*Yes, Hurricane Sandy is a good reason to worry about climate change

*D.C. closures: Metro, federal offices, schools


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