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John Douglass Highlights from the Campaign Trail


From the John Douglass for Congress campaign:


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ICYMI: Highlights From The Campaign Trail

In case you missed it, here are the news highlights from Congressional Challenger General John Douglass’s campaign to help Virginia families:

Roanoke Times: They said John “is right for the 5th and nation” because of his “sound views on tackling the deficit… keeping Medicare solvent… and educating today's youth.” 


The Mecklenburg Sun and South Boston News & Record: “Douglass shows pluck and, especially on the uranium mining issue, a genuine appreciation for the need, from time to time, to reign in unbridled corporate power when the rights of citizens are threatened.” “…He’s shown in short order that he has guts, always an admirable quality.”

The Hill: “Douglass has waged a tenacious campaign, using his more than three decades of military experience to bolster his credentials with voters.” 

Danville Register & Bee: “Retired Brig. Gen. John Douglass, has been a strong, serious and well-qualified candidate.” 

Daily Progress: “Gen. John Douglass has proved to be a spirited opponent for incumbent Rep. Robert Hurt. We salute Gen. Douglass, Democrat, for his energetic efforts…”

Cavalier Daily: “In Virginia’s Fifth District, Democratic congressional candidate John Douglass wants to create a “Direct Loan Program” which would decrease interest rates and expand the size of Pell Grants to account for the rise in tuition. “Education” is the top issue on Douglass’ website, under the “Policies” heading.”

Daily Progress: “Hurt is now trying to fend off a fiery Democratic challenger…” 

C’ville Weekly: “Douglass has painted himself as a Democrat unafraid of challenging party rhetoric… he doesn’t care if being outspoken doesn’t endear him to the party establishment.” “He plans to fight and fundraise to the end.”

Lynchburg News & Advance: “Fifth District congressional candidate John Douglass’ competitive side was on display at a campaign event in New London on Thursday.”

Nelson County Times: “Congressional candidate John Douglass stopped in Nelson Sunday afternoon, making it his 500th public appearance….Douglass ended his speech, which was met with a standing ovation, referencing his long military career.” 

Daily Progress, Letter to the Editor: “I would like to suggest… allowing the ban on uranium mining to be lifted opens our communities to even more serious problems… In his campaign, Gen. Douglass has courageously brought this issue to the forefront. He is very much in touch and willing to tackle tough problems.”

Danville Register & Bee, Letter to the Editor: “I am voting for Obama, Kaine and Douglass. I urge everyone to please vote. It is a precious right so many faithful Americans have given their lives for. Let us not forget their sacrifices. God bless America and all of us who call her home.”











For more information or to request an interview, emailpress@johndouglassforcongress.com, call 434-906-2022 and follow us on Twitter @JWDouglass



Gen. John Douglass is running for Congress in the 5th District to help Virginia families get a fair chance at a better future after serving our country on President Reagan’s National Security Council and then as President Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy, before going on to promote air and space policies that grow our economy by creating manufacturing jobs and keeping our skies safe.



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