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The Charts Which Make the Choice Clear: President Obama for Re-Election


This past week, The Economist endorsed President Obama for re-election. Also recently, Business Insider published a series of charts, which make the case for President Obama’s re-election.

The image here is of just one of them. I cannot reproduce all of them without running afoul of copyright law. So, please take a look at the rest. On numerous variables, the President has brought the economy back from the worst depression since the Great Depression. Here are the economic charts which in any fair electorate would assure a landslide election. As the Business Insider article says:

Mitt Romney keeps saying that the President can’t run on his record.  That’s silly. Obama’s record-especially relative to the economy of the prior administration (whose policies Romney wants to return to) with respect to the economy, has been solid. Before Obama took office, you will recall, the economy was in freefall, obliterated by tax cuts, runaway government spending, massive consumer debts, and regulation-be-damned culture of the prior administration.

As the attached charts show, the moment Obama arrived and implemented the stimulus, the economy began to improve. And it has gotten much, much better in the past four years.

Anyone who cares about the evidence, which along with these charts also includes Mitt Romney’s record as a leveraged buyout predator and job destroyer/offshorer, will vote for President Obama. Read more.