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Tim Kaine, Mark Warner Campaign Across Virginia In Beginning of Final Stretch


The following press release is from the Kaine campaign. Also see Two former guvs: Kaine and Warner push for Senate for coverage of Kaine's and Warner's visit to C-ville, as well as a comment from 5th CD Democratic Congressional candidate John Douglass (“We feel a real surge in Virginia”). 


Kaine for Virginia
November 1, 2012 

Kaine for Virginia Press Office
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Richmond, VA – Today, former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine was joined on the campaign trail by U.S. Senator Mark Warner for a series of events highlighting Kaine’s economic strategies including leveling the playing field for small businesses and investing in education, workforce development, and infrastructure. They also thanked some of the thousands of grassroots volunteers who are working hard to elect Kaine on Tuesday.

Kaine began the day at Alexandria Seaport Foundation, a nonprofit that uses boatbuilding to teach technical and leadership skills to at-risk youth. While serving as a missionary in Honduras, Kaine worked as principal of a technical school teaching young people skills they could use to better their lives.

“I’ve seen firsthand how teaching students career skills increases their economic opportunities.  A skilled, prepared workforce contributes to a stronger economy here in Virginia and helps our nation compete in an increasingly global and dynamic economy,” Kaine said. “Whether it's at the school where I taught in Honduras as a missionary or at this workshop in Alexandria, teaching kids the skills they need to fill engineering jobs or carpentry jobs is critical to the growth of our economy.”

Senator Mark Warner joined Kaine in Harrisonburg, where they led an employee town hall of more than 100 participants at Rosetta Stone. Kaine and Warner have known each other for more than 30 years. During the discussion, Kaine shared his views on how to create jobs for Virginians in an ever-changing economy.

“Everything about Tim Kaine's life and career has been about service. He's a good guy who will roll up his sleeves in Washington and do his job for the right reasons,” said Warner. “With all the issues we face right now, we need people up there like Tim who will be bridge builders and fixers, not just tear others down.”

“Small businesses and their owners remain the innovators and backbone of our economy.  In order for them to succeed though, we must develop a talented workforce that can fill the jobs of tomorrow and increase their connection with global markets by improving and expanding our infrastructure,” Kaine said. 

Later in the day, Kaine and Warner stopped in Charlottesville to rally more than 125 voters at the local OFA office on the Downtown Mall to thank them for their grassroots activism and support. They then traveled to Lynchburg for an event outside historic Kemper Street Station where Kaine spoke about the importance of infrastructure investments in creating jobs and positioning the Commonwealth for success.

“As Governor I understood that investing in our infrastructure – like roads and rail – created jobs in the short term and then raise the platform for economic success in the long term,” Kaine said.  “The extension of Amtrak service to Lynchburg, which was championed by a bipartisan coalition of legislators, has been a great tool for economic development for businesses in this area. Projects like this, or extending service to Roanoke, or other projects across the country, will strengthen our national economy if Congress is willing to act.”

Finally, Kaine and Warner ended the day with a pair of events to thank grassroots supporters in Lynchburg and Roanoke.  

“The work you do, the doors you knock on, and the phone calls you make, are critical, not only to our success on Election Day, but to the future of our country.  We need you to continue that person to person contact through November 6th and we’ll show America that the power of grassroots support is much greater than that of secret outside money and attack ads,” Kaine said.

With just five days left before Election Day, Kaine will continue his travels across Virginia talking to voters about his vision and strategy to create jobs and move us forward.

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