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Video: Tom Ricks Rips Fox for Hyping Benghazi, Being an Arm of the Republican Party


FYI, Thomas Ricks is an expert on the military, a Pulitzer Prize winning former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and author of superb books like “Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq” and “The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today.”

Ricks’ criticism here of Faux “News” is totally on point, and I find it hilarious to see the Faux interviewer acting shocked (shocked I say!) that anyone would accuse his network of hyping a story for political purposes. Of course, that’s exactly what this wildly irresponsible network has been doing for years now, most recently on the Benghazi tragedy. Also, note that Fox never turned its finely honed journalistic instincts (yes, that was extreme snark) on the disasters of the Bush administration, which led to and/or presided over the deaths of many, many, many more Americans – and many more attacks on U.S. facilities – than have ever occurred in the Obama administration, let alone in that one tragic incident in Libya.

Not that Faux will ever apologize for its disgraceful behavior, of course, or feel any shame (which it should), or change its wildly irresponsible and crazily biased ways. As long as a few million mostly angry, older white men watch the network, I guess they’ve got a business model. It’s just not a model of moral behavior, let alone of national cohesion or a thriving democracy…

P.S. ThinkProgress points out that Faux cut the interview short because, basically, they didn’t like being called out for exactly what they are. LOL


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