It must be driving Republican operatives nuts:

    Why does the good Lord keep arranging black swans to swim suddenly into view to lend Barack Obama a helpful nudge? How else to explain the two latest—-the arrival of Hurricane Sandy just in the nick of time, enabling him to pose theatrically as a competent, caring President (such an obvious contrast to Republican George W. Bush and Katrina), thus providing an unfair boost before the final poll in November, the only poll that counts? Even worse, the weather then turned out fine all day on November 6th, so all those people-not-like-real-white-Americans got to the polls in time, and had no inclement weather to discourage their standing in line, waiting to vote…. Why couldn’t Sandy have arrived a few days later?

    And now, the fiscal cliff! No matter how hard Speaker Boehner tries, he cannot seem to convince the country that Obama is not negotiating in good faith, and that Obama is really the one who is forcing America over the cliff and into another recession. Once again, Obamaluck holds. Almost everyone in America has just  seen the movie “Lincoln,” which is all about  how President Lincoln managed to push the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution  abolishing slavery through Congress in 1865 near the end of the  Civil War. Almost every viewer has the same take-away; they saw how Lincoln never compromised his principles, never negotiated away any significant morsel, but instead used extreme political jiu jitsu to collect the votes he needed to achieve his greater purpose. So now, the public cannot be spun by Boehner into turning on Obama as he hangs tough on the fiscal cliff—- the voters see Obama as Lincoln, fighting for his principles, forcing Tea-Party-Republicans to agree  (oh, the horror!)  to raise the tax rate on the wealthy, while extending tax cuts for the middle class in order ro achieve his “balanced” attack on the deficit. It’s enough to make even the staunchest Republican wonder if God is not on their side after all. No wonder Senator DeMint is bailing out. Oh, the horror!


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