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Video: Joe Scarborough Delivers Powerful Commentary, Rethinks “Long-Held…Libertarian Beliefs”


“You know me. I am a conservative Republican who received the NRA’s highest rating over four terms in Congress…There’s no easy ideological way forward…I come to you this morning with a heavy heart and no easy answers. Still, I’ve spent the past few days grasping for solutions and struggling for answers, while daring to question my own long-held belief on these subjects. I’ve always taken the libertarian’s approach to Hollywood’s 1st amendment rights and gun collector’s 2nd amendment rights, and I stood by those libertarian beliefs after Columbine, after Aurora, and after Arizona…”

“I knew the ending of this story because we’ve all seen it too often. I knew that day that the ideologies of my past career were no longer relevant to the future that I want, that I demand for my children. Friday changed everything, it must change everything, we all must begin anew and demand that Washington’s old way of doing business is no longer acceptable.”

“…our Bill of Rights does not guarantee gun manufacturers the absolute right to sell military-styled, high-caliber, semiautomatic, combat assault rifles with high-capacity magazines to whoever the hell they want. It is time for Congress to put children before deadly dogmas…”

“We’ve already given up too much ground across America. We’ve already ceded too many schoolyards, too many shopping malls, too many movie theaters, and too many college campuses. We must give no more ground.”

“For the sake of my four children, and yours, I choose life and I choose change. It’s time to turn over the tables inside the temple, and for the sake of our children, we must do what’s right. And for the sake of this great nation that we love, let’s pray to god that we do.”

– Joe Scarborough


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