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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, December 18.

*Obama offers fiscal cliff tax concession

*Obama, Boehner move close to ‘fiscal cliff’ deal (Ahhhh…the making of sausage, isn’t it lovely? Or not.)

*A ‘fiscal cliff’ deal is near: Here are the details

*President calls for proposals on guns

*Lock up the killing machines (Why was the assault weapons ban ever allowed to expire?!?)

*McAuliffe calls for assault weapons ban (Good job by T-Mac.)

*Gerry Connolly: Politicians With Courage Can Win (“We have been lulled into a passivity and fatalism with the logical fallacies and thuggish tactics of the gun lobby at a terrible cost…It is time for our outrage to return us to action and reshape our gun culture. It is in our hands.” Well said by Rep. Connolly!)

*McDonnell outlines budget proposals for lawmakers

*Warner ready to back tougher gun laws, says “enough is enough” (Good to see, although I’m not sure why it wasn’t “enough is enough” after the Virginia Tech shootings…or Columbine, Aurora, Tuscon, etc, etc.)

*Editorial: Virginia doesn’t need 140 governors (“A proposed constitutional amendment would let legislators circumvent the regulatory process.”)

*The math problem on state highways (“Within the next few weeks, Virginia will see whether its governor is willing to negotiate a lasting remedy, or if this is another losing hand.”)

*Southside Va. not yielding for gov’s I-95 toll idea

*McDonnell to headline Cuccinelli fundraisers (“T-Bob” yet again shows his true colors – Pat Robertson’s student all the way, but hiding in a moderate’s clothing.)

*Virginia electors formally select Obama, Biden

*Cuccinelli, environmental group find consensus on Va. renewable energy law (That’s…different.)

*Toscano: Tough choices about coal tax credits

*Legislative panel calls on AG, power companies to compromise on ‘adders’

*Gov. McDonnell to order Virginia schools to review safety plans

*Plan for new U.S. 460 to be cleared despite lingering concerns(“When the Army Corps of Engineers said improving the current highway would do less wetlands damage than building a new toll road, VDOT released an assessment that showed otherwise”)

*Holiday exodus to be largest in decade

*Arlington bicyclists want paths plowed when it snows


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