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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning (12/12/12)


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, December 12. For all you math geeks out there, that’s 12/12/12, the last time until the the 22nd century we’ll have a date with three of the same numbers. Exciting, huh? 🙂

*Obama, Boehner trade offers but little progress apparent

*White House: NKorea Launch ‘Highly Provocative’

*On debt ceiling, GOP is defining extortion down (Wildly irresponsible, but what else is new from the utterly despicable Mitch McConnell?)

*No fair wage for you (“‘Right to work’ laws, like the one signed Tuesday in Michigan, only hurt American workers.”)

*Gov. McDonnell faces a challenge on gas taxes (“Mr. Norquist is entitled to his magical thinking. But when he uses it to try to intimidate Virginia lawmakers, Mr. McDonnell must push back.”)

*Virginia teachers: Cuts would hurt poor, disabled

*U.Va. put on warning by accrediting agency (Why is Helen Dragas still on the UVA Board of Visitors?)

*Warning puts Dragas reappointment in greater spotlight

*Chance of avoiding fiscal cliff 80 percent says Warner (I don’t fully understand how Warner knows this, given that he himself admits he’s not “in that room.”)

*Wolf, Warner: Fiscal Solution Is In The Middle (Actually, no, the “middle” is probably not the solution here, given unreasonable Republican demands to slash non-military spending and to NOT raise revenues by very much.)

*Catholic Bishop Walter F. Sullivan dies at age 84 in Richmond (Reading his obituary, Bishop Sullivan sounds like a strong progressive on a wide variety of issues ranging from war and peace to Vatican II to women’s rights. He also “initiated an annual Mass for gays and lesbians in 1997 and established a sexual minorities advisory committee.” Impressive!)

*Schapiro: Norquist-ian bargain on taxes turns Faustian (“Because this dust-up involves taxes and transportation – issues, in the election just passed and the election ahead, on which Republicans are vulnerable – McDonnell must double efforts to be seen as all things to all voters. His future in politics could depend on it. Or does it?”)

*McDonnell takes aim at accelerated sales tax gimmick

*Bills would give General Assembly power to spike state regs

*Va. bill aims to protect secret union ballot

*Va. lawmakers turn cold shoulder to Fairfax transportation pleas

*More candidates pursuing Va. Beach legislative seat

*Former Virginia Beach sailor denied bond in spying case

*Save Va.’s roads despite Norquist (Again, Virginia’s only response to Grover Norquist should be a raised middle finger.)

*Not ‘panic time’ yet as drought hits

*Redskins prepared with Cousins pick


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