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As LG Candidate, Corey Stewart Descends Into Self Contradiction, Incoherence


To put it mildly, I’m not a big fan of Prince William County board Chair Corey Stewart. Why not? I refer you to Exhibit A, also know as the series of “9500 Liberty” videos, in which Stewart does his best imitation of a raging, rabid, xenophobic demagogue. Now, Stewart is taking his bashing of “illegals,” as he so charmingly calls hard-working immigrants here to make a better life for their families, statewide. Or is he? You certainly wouldn’t guess it from his interview on WAMU’s The Politics Hour this past Friday, in which he pretends to be a “moderate,” but in the end descends into self contradiction and, ultimately, utter, laughably absurd incoherence. Here are few “highlights” from his debacle of an interview.

*Stewart claims his priorities are “transportation, transportation, transportation,” that Virginia has “kicked this can down the road far too long,” and that it’s a “dire situation” we are facing. So, having diagnosed the problem, what’s Stewart going to do about it? Got me. For starters, he proceeds to dismiss Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan as “not going to go anywhere.” Huh? So what better idea(s) does Stewart have? Well, let’s see, he opposes raising taxes – gas tax, sales tax, etc. – so forget any new revenues. And without any new revenues, aren’t we just continuing to kick that proverbial can down the metaphorical (certainly not physical) road? Sure seems like it to me. In sum, this is a total, nonsensical, incoherent #FAIL by Corey Stewart.

*Perhaps recognizing his utter #FAIL on transportation, Stewart then reaches for some potential revenues by possibly eliminating some of the many tax loopholes (aka, billions of dollars per year in corporate welfare we absurdly dole out) in the Virginia tax code. Except, one problem: Stewart refuses to name any, claiming it might “get myself in trouble.” Well, now, ain’t THAT a profile in courage and leadership? LOL

*Stewart ties himself in knots trying to explain why Virginia “will vote Republican this November.”  Stewart’s main “argument,” using the word VERY loosely, is the so-called “rule” that Virginia always votes opposite for governor as the party in the White House. Of course, as I explained the other day, this “rule” has absolutely no basis, statistical or any other way, in fact. It’s just as moronic as the pundits who claimed that President Obama couldn’t win reelection because “no president since FDR had ever been reelected with higher than 8% unemployment.” Whatever. Anyway, it’s not a serious argument in any way, shape, or form.

Lost more incoherence and illogic on the “flip”

*Stewart then tries to argue that Virginians are by nature moderates who like a “balance of power.” Again, there’s no evidence Virginians have voted this way historically, but even if this WERE true, it totally contradicts Stewart’s assertion that Republicans will win all branches of government this November. Given Stewart’s assertion that Virginians like a “balance of power,” wouldn’t they vote Democratic for governor, or LG, or AG, or for House of Delegates, or something, to counteract otherwise total Teapublican control of the state? Uhhhhh.

*Yet another self contradiction is Stewart’s claim that Virginians are by nature non-ideological, pragmatic moderates, yet in practically the same breath we’re going to vote for one of the most extreme, ideological, non-pragmatic candidates for governor…ever? Alrighty! Makes perfect sense! If you have no brain! LOL

*On a related note, you’ve gotta love how Stewart claims his focus is all on pragmatic issues, not on divisive “social issues,” yet he made his name focusing on the major, divisive “social issue” of “illegal immigration” (Stewart’s role was to be a xenophobic demagogue). Then, the “pragmatic” Stewart proceeds to strongly (“absolutely!”) endorse social issues extremist/nutjob Ken Kookinelli (“he’s done a great job as AG”), while claiming this election won’t be about said social issues, while also bashing the more “moderate” (in tone, if not in substance) Bill Bolling as “shameful…sour grapes” for considering an independent run for governor. Got that?!?

*You’ve also got to love Stewart patting himself for not ignoring the “minority population” of Prince William County. Of course, we need to define “not ignoring” as “xenophobic bashing.” So how did Stewart win reelection? Very simple: differential voter turnout rates (odd-year/off-year elections skew heavily whiter, older, more Republican); nothing to do with Latinos suddenly falling in love with their tormentor. Whatever.

In sum, Corey Stewart is a lot of things, but coherent is apparently not one of them. Of course, when you’ve got a horrible record like his, and are now trying to sell that stinking pile of (fill in the blank) statewide, it’s not surprising that self contradiction, incoherence and illogic are the inevitable results.


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