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Jennifer Boysko Launches Campaign for HoD 86


In 2004 then Governor Howard Dean told Americans that we “had the power,” if only we would use it. Governor Dean did not win the presidential nomination that year. But he did have the prescription for what ails our country. And he knew the most important thing Democrats could do was run a fifty-state campaign, leaving no county or voter behind.

President Barack Obama is president today, at least in part, because he heeded that prescription. And he also prescribed something else: That the talented leaders among us step forward to bring progressive change to our statehouses, increasingly taken over by radical conservatives. If enough had heeded the challenge, redistricting would look very different today. But the time to rebuild begins now. Every single talented, honest, hardworking progressive legislator we send to our statehouses is a step toward the day when we really change America. If the rest of Virginia and the rest of the nation were so lucky as to have a Jennifer Boysko to run, our future would be bright indeed.

Last month I wrote of her intent to enter the race. I wish I could have been in NOVA yesterday because Jennifer Boysko launched her HoD District 86  campaign. I urge you to take the time to watch the video of the event here. She did so against a visually stunning backdrop with compelling endorsements and a ringing speech outlining what motivated her to run and the main issues she’ll address. Among others, as she told us in December, they include:

• That our daughters deserve to have control over their own bodies;

• That we need to solve the transportation gridlock that is damaging our quality of life and economy;

• That NOVA should receive its fair share of education, transportation and human service funding from Richmond; and

• That affordable housing and adequate human services are crucial to the economy and well-being of our Commonwealth.

As she said previously:

I believe that a strong system of human services, public education and access to physical and mental health are crucial to building a vibrant economy and community. I believe that diversity and inclusivity are hallmarks of a healthy community. Whether racial, socioeconomic, sexual orientation or cultural, a diverse community has the capacity make us all richer as we learn from one another. Every person should have the fundamental right to clean air, water, and to the right to make decisions for ourselves about our most personal and private family issues.

There to endorse Jennifer were Virginia State Senator Mark Herring and Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, both of whom gave strong endorsements.  

Jennifer will breathe fresh air into the House of Delegates. She’s a wonderful person, as evidenced by near endless community service. If someone is hurting, Jennifer is there. After Katrina, Jennifer was there to help collect donations. I have lost count of all the philanthropic efforts and kindnesses Jennifer models for the rest of us. Whether it is in efforts for schools, seniors, or the poor, she’s an inspiration.

But Jennifer’s selflessness also makes her especially suited to serving in the HoD. She will keep her focus outward – on her responsibilities to the voters, not toward herself and her prospects for re-election. Virginia needs representatives who are not part of the wholly owned corporate subsidiary that is the Virginia GOP. At the same time, it needs a candidate with strong people-oriented, Democratic principles to contrast with the dysfunctional obstructionist wrecking crew currently dominating both houses, despite an equal D-R split in the Senate.

All of us owe a debt to Jennifer, who has shown how to help turn Virginia blue. In large measure, efforts like hers helping to found a large and effective Democratic presence in the Dulles area, made a difference. Many a time her home and front porch were turned into “election central.”

Most of all, Jennifer has never and will not forget why she serves the public. That’s something long missing from Richmond where one side of the aisle seems to have forgotten why it is there. Every two years (for delegates) and every four (for senators) voters send representatives to Richmond. And time after time, radical conservative ideology swamps common sense, good judgment and doing the right thing for the commonwealth.

As just one example, instead of solving the transportation crisis, and it is a crisis, given that the governor is hell bent on wiping out the primary funding source at the expense of everyday Virginians, the GA gives us a steady diet of getting into women’s underclothes. It  is  demeaning. It is distracting. And it is devastating to the Commonwealth which needs legislators who give a damn about it.

Jennifer is the kind of optimistic, positive person you just want to be around. She’s got good, strong progressive ideals and ideas, but she knows how to work with  others to accomplish them. She’s sweet in the best sense of the term, but tough and seasoned in numerous political “battles.”  She is also an accomplished and capable public servant, in her work as legislative aid to John Foust. She gets things done, the right things, for the residents of Herndon, Fairfax County and Northern Virginia.

Virginia, let’s elect Jennifer Boysko to the 86th House of Delegates district seat.  Whether or not you are from the 86th, please pay attention to this race. Disclosure: I have donated to Jennifer’s campaign (I encourage you to as well). If you can canvass or make phone calls for Jennifer (even if you do not live in NOVA), you can contact her campaign here. May Emily’s List and The Farm Team also be listening! And may Democrats throughout Virginia nurture worthy candidates so they can join Jennifer in Richmond and turn the state house around.


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