Call-In Day TODAY Jan. 10: Tell your State Legislators to KEEP the BAN on URANIUM MINING


    Earlier this week the Commission on Coal and Energy voted to lift the ban on uranium. Now the General Assembly takes up legislation to repeal a ban that has been in place for 30 years.  On Thursday, today, the environmental community is urging everyone who supports the ban on uranium mining to call their Senator and Delegate.  

    Click here to follow a link to a page that will provide you with the names and contact information of your legislators, and plan to make these two short calls on Thursday.

    It’s a quick and easy ask; here’s a sample script:

    Hello, my name is _______ . I live in (City/Town/County) and I’m a constituent.

    I’d like to leave a message for Senator/Delegate ____________ about upcoming legislation attempting to lift the 30-year old ban on uranium mining in Virginia.

    There is no way to guarantee safety in the mining process or in the storage of the radioactive byproducts. Our groundwater, surface water, agriculture and tourism industry could all be placed in jeopardy. It’s simply not worth the risk. If disaster were to occur, Virginia’s economy would be crippled. Uranium mining could threaten the health, safety, and economic viability of our citizens.

    Please vote against lifting the ban.

    Thank you.


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