Ken Kookinelli Claims Medicare, Social Security “make people dependent on government”


    We’ve been saying for years that Ken Cuccinelli’s far out of the mainstream, but now he’s putting it all down in a book (note: it’s readable in part on Amazon, available in full on February 12), so that there’s no doubt whatsoever. He’s also doing his best Mitt Romney “47% dependent on government/moochers” looniness.

    – “Sometimes bad politicians set out to grow government in order to increase their own power and influence. This phenomenon doesn’t just happen in Washington; it happens at all levels of government. The amazing this is that they often grow government without protest from citizens, and sometimes they even get buy-in from citizens – at least from the ones getting the goodies.

    “One of their favorite ways to increase their power is by creating programs that dispense subsidized government benefits, such as Medicare, Social Security, and outright welfare (Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, and the like). These programs make people dependent on government. And once people are dependent, they feel they can’t afford to have the programs taken away, no matter how inefficient, poorly run, or costly to the rest of society.”

    The Democratic Party of Virginia has put out a press release, which says “Ken Cuccinelli’s extremism has reached a new low with his statement that Americans who have paid into Medicare and Social Security are ‘dependent on government’, ‘getting the goodies’ and completely ignorant about their own best interest.” It concludes, “Cuccinelli’s opposition to Medicare and Social Security reflects his extreme worldview and should alarm all Virginia families.” You can say that again. Wow.

    P.S. In his book, Cuckoo also calls the Environmental Protection Agency “this agency of mass destruction.” And, of course, he mocks the science of anthropogenic global warming, which is basically the equivalent at this point of mocking gravity or evolution, the science is that strong. In a sane world, that ALONE should disqualify Cuccinelli, or anyone else, from holding public office in this country. We’ll see if it does in Virginia later this year…


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