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Washington Post: VA Less Interesting Politically Than VT, NH, RI, GA, etc, etc.


As we wrote recently, despite a plea for more local political coverage from the Washington Post Ombudsman, that once-excellent paper’s coverage of Virginia politics has plummeted. Why has the Post decided to reduce coverage of one of the politics in one of its key markets, let alone one of the most fascinating states politically in the country? Perhaps because they don’t think Virginia’s interesting politically?

Thus, we have a Washington Post article entitled “The 10 most interesting states in politics,” which I turned to expecting to see Virginia either #1 or #2. I mean, this IS a state, after all, that is right next door to Washington, DC, where the Post is headquartered; which is a key “purple”/”swing state,” which holds elections every year; which has an extremely entertaining election coming up in 2013, featuring two of the most colorful characters around (T-Mac and Ken Kookinelli); which has a fascinating political history, from “massive resistance” to the first African American governor to Jim Webb’s victory over “Felix Macacawitz,” etc., etc.

So, was Virginia ranked #1 or #2 by “The Fix” column at the Post? No? How about #3? #4? #5? #6? #7? #8? #9? #10? No, no, no, no, no, no, no and no. Instead, we’ve got those ever-fascinating states, politically speaking, of solid-red South Carolina (yawn), solid blue Rhode Island and Vermont, and a bunch of other states that it would be hard, if not impossible, to argue are more interesting politically than Virginia, rounding out this Top 10 list. As for Virginia? Sorry, Washington Post subscribers in Virginia, but the Posties apparently are just not that into you. Just remember that the next time they decide to make an endorsement in our state, even as they barely ever show up to any political events, slash their coverage of Virginia politics, and even admit that they don’t consider Virginia interesting politically. And they wonder why they’re losing subscribers? I mean, at least FAKE it guys!  Duhhhh.


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