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Governor’s Hybrid Car Tax Proposal: Examining the Math


Last night, the House of Delegates voted on a version of Governor McDonnell's transportation plan that excludes his proposed $100 annual tax on hybrid and electric vehicles.  I was surprised to see the amendment attributed to a Republican, Delegate Chris Jones.  The Senate is expected to vote on its bill reflecting the governor's transportation plan today- SB1355.  

My organization, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, opposes the hybrid tax because we believe we should be rewarding solutions to climate change, not punishing them.  But the proposal simply doesn't make sense, especially when you examine the math. Check out our infographic below for details.

Governor McDonnell's proposed hybrid tax - Examining the math 

Want to call your elected officials to ask them oppose the hybrid tax? Look them up here. Many of them may have already caught wind of our hybrid parade protesting the tax proposal last week. It was covered by a number of media outlets, including NBC Washington, the Virginian-Pilot and the Washington Post.

Want to keep updated on what you can do on climate change and clean energy in Virginia? Check out the Chesapeake Climate Action Network website.


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