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How Other States Treat Green Vehicles


If the Virginia Senate actually passes the $100 per year Green Car Tax, we would become one of the very first states in the U.S. to use tax policy to DISCOURAGE rather than encourage hybrid, electric and other alternative fuel vehicles.  

While incentives for conventional hybrids have mostly dried up as these cars have become common, incentives for plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars remain widespread.  Here, from Plug In America, are a few examples — focusing, just for fun, on Republican-dominated states:

Louisiana: Tax credit for 50% of cost premium for electric/plug-in hybrid purchase, 50% of conversion cost, or 10% of cost of a new vehicle (max. $3,000) — or can be applied to charging station costs.

South Carolina: Income tax credit equalling 20% of federal credits for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Utah: Up to $750 credit for electric and plug-in hybrid purchases and up to $2,500 credit for conversions.

Georgia: Income tax credit for up to 20% of electric vehicle cost (max. $5,000) or 10% of conversion cost (max. $2,500), plus carpool lane access. Electric vehicle supply equipment installation tax credit of 10% of cost (max.$2,500).

Arizona: Lower licensing fees and carpool lane access available for electric vehicles and some plug-in hybrids. Tax credit up to $75 for vehicle charging outlet.

Tennessee: $2,500 rebate for first 1,000 vehicles sold in state.

So with this new DISINCENTIVE for green cars, Virginia could go beyond just being one of the worst states in the nation on energy and sustainability policy — and make a serious play to be the absolute worst! Hey, We’re Number One!

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