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If McEachin Thinks Hybrid Tax is So Bad, Why’d He Vote for It?


the.biggest.loser-logo.jpgGov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation package included a new tax on hybrid cars, because apparently Virginia is not addicted enough to expensive energy that gives our kids asthma and fuels climate change. Democratic Sen. Adam Ebbin and Del. Scott Surovell, who wisely voted against the transportation package, launched a petition this week calling on Gov. McDonnell to veto the new tax on fuel-sippers.

Sen. Donald McEachin voted FOR the terrible transportation package. (Did I mention there’s plenty of evidence the gas tax cut will mean the same gas prices for Virginia drivers but a massive giveaway of higher profits for oil companies?) But today, McEachin sent an email claiming the hybrid tax, which made national headlines, was “hidden” in the transportation bill and linking not to the existing Democratic petition, but to a petition of his own calling for the hybrid tax’s repeal.

McEachin’s disingenuous email puts him in a long line of Virginia Democrats who’ve helped Republicans achieve their goals, then afterwards claim they wuz robbed (see: Mary Margaret Whipple on the Dominion re-regulation bill; anything Dick Saslaw has ever done). Why not just vote the right way in the first place? Dispiriting “leadership” like this is why Virginia Democrats turn out for Barack Obama but stay home for Creigh Deeds.

But it’s also an example of how too often, Virginia Democratic leaders would rather fight over the crown of the Biggest Loser than stand together to achieve bigger victories. Is this about delivering wins to middle-class families to improve our roads and public transit and lower energy costs, or using losses to add a couple of names to your email list?


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