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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, February 27. Also check out the video of Republican Joe Scarborough ripping Ken Kookinelli as a “conspiracy theorist” and “John Bircher” who should be thrown out of the party. The question is, why haven’t Virginia Republicans shunned Kookinelli? Do they agree with his insanity?

*In emotional farewell pope says he resigned for good of Church

*Austerity Kills Government Jobs as Cuts to Budgets Loom (“The federal government is cutting back at a pace exceeded in the last half-century only by the military demobilizations after the Vietnam War and the cold war.”)

*Obama at Newport News yard: Sequestration threatens jobs (“Standing in front of a massive propeller in a facility used to build submarines, the president called on Congress to compromise or risk harming the economy in Hampton Roads.”)

*A sequester intervention (“House Republicans are acting like drunk drivers.”)

*Hagel Approved for Defense in Sharply Split Vote

*McCarthyism 2013 (“With confirmation, Hagel wins, but integrity loses”)

*Editorial: Court will find record of voter suppression (“After substantial review, Congress renewed the Voting Rights Act in 2006 because the powerful still try to prevent the weak from voting.”)

*Terry McAuliffe attacks Ken Cuccinelli on transportation plan

*GOP’s Ideological Split Appears in Virginia Governor’s Race

*Scarborough mocks Cuccinelli on national TV (“‘Remember when Buckley went after the John Birchers?’ he added. ‘Threw ’em out. Threw ’em out of the movement. These are the people that are now infiltrating the movement, excluding winners like Chris Christie and embracing conspiracy theorists like Cuccinelli.'”)

*Schapiro: Cuccinelli can’t talk issues because he is one.

*Cuccinelli’s Strange Lesson in Federalism

*Democrat Terry McAuliffe running in Virginia on record of Republican governor

*Ken Cuccinelli joins Virginia leaders in denouncing federal budget cuts (WTF? Didn’t this guy just write a book about how government spending is evil? What a hypocrite!)

*Virginia GOP chairman dislikes taxes in road bill

*Va. Gov. McDonnell faces conservative backlash for tax hike

*Goodlatte says drone policy raises serious issues (Goodlatte didn’t seem to mind when Bush and Cheney were using drones.)

*Kaine to make first floor speech as Senator

*McDonnell doesn’t see Bolling independent run

*Bolling’s camp dismisses McDonnell’s comments on possible run for governor (“Bolling spokeswoman Ibbie Hedrick fired back Tuesday, saying, ‘I assure you that Lieutenant Governor Bolling is seriously considering the possibility of an Independent campaign.'”)

*Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial woes (I can’t believe I’m linking to the Post’s right-wingnut joke of a “blogger” Jennifer Rubin, but this is too good to pass up!)

*Centrist Dem: Link Keystone pipeline to efficiency boost (So…trashing the planet is now considered “centrist.” Gotcha, corporate media!)

*Slamming the door on open government

*Virginia looks to recover military clout after loss of veteran senators

*School cuts, tax hikes proposed for Fairfax County

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