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Rep. Moran Statement on Republican Proposal to Cut Federal Workforce


From Rep. Jim Moran's office; a reaction to the non-starter proposal by House Republicans to slash the federal workforce.

Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, today released the following statement on a Republican proposal to replace deeply damaging sequestration cuts for one year with a 10 percent cut to the federal workforce. 

“Sequestration is a self-imposed punishment following the failure of Congress to arrive at a balanced compromise for deficit reduction. The legislation offered today is just one more example of congressional Republicans attempting to place the brunt of deficit reduction on the backs of our federal workforce. Federal employees did not create the national debt – they should not be required to shoulder the burden of reducing it alone.                                                                 

“Since 2011, federal employees have sacrificed $103 billion in the name of deficit reduction, more than $50,000 per employee. It is time for Congress to find a comprehensive deficit plan that asks others to pay their fair share. 

“Our hardworking federal employees provide important services to the country. Slashing the size of the workforce is not only wrong; it will impact the ability of the Federal Government to function efficiently.” 

The 8th District of Virginia is home to more than 65,000 federal employees and where 114,000 federal employees show up to work.

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