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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, February 26. Also, check out the audio of former State Senator Russ Potts (R) calling out Ken Cuccinelli for being an extremist. How could any reasonable Republican (or independent) support Cuckoo for Governor? Got me.

*Va. shipyard latest setting for Obama sequester strategy

*C. Everett Koop Dead: Former Surgeon General Dies At 96 (Perhaps the most well known, well respected Surgeon General ever. RIP.)

*Michelle Obama Presents Oscar, Right-Wing Heads Explode (Including the nasty, vicious right-wing troll Jennifer Rubin at the Washington/Kaplan Post.)

*The House of Pain (“Can Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority Leader, redeem his party and himself?”)

*Sequester Misfire: Eric Cantor’s World of Warcraft Nonsense (“In search of wasteful government spending, Eric Cantor sets his pants on fire.”)

*Eric Cantor, the Unluckiest Gambler

*Republicans have only themselves to blame for the sequester (Exactly!)

*On Spending, Why Won’t Republicans Take Yes for an Answer?

*A model to avert the coming sequester

*Ken Cuccinelli ripped by business leaders

*Rich donors yell at Ken Cuccinelli for being too nutty (“The likely Republican nominee for Virginia governor has a tense meeting with the money people”)

*Lt. Gov. Bolling May Shake up Gubernatorial Race

*Virginia elites seek savior in governor’s race (“A collection of prominent Virginia business leaders, dismayed by a 2013 governor’s race they view as a contest between a Democratic fixer and a Republican ideologue, are scrambling to draft a third contender into the race to run as an independent.”)

*Bolling Keeps Mum on Decision to Run for Governor

*Transportation, the ‘Virginia Way’

*McDonnell’s Bad Transportation Deal

*Examiner Local Editorial: Nothing ‘revenue neutral’ about transportation bill

*Va. congressmen: Budget cuts unlikely to be stopped

*Republican LG candidates blast road tax legislation (I’m pretty much “meh” on the transportation deal, but I’m really, really enjoying watching Republicans lose their minds that EVILTAXES went up! LOL)

*AG candidate Herring releases online ad (Excellent ad; this guy’s going to be our next AG, and I’m very happy about that!)

*Virginia shows Maryland how transportation funding can be done (The Kaplan/Washington Post seriously believes that Virginia’s doing a better job on transportation funding than Maryland? By cutting the gas tax? These people seriously have their heads up their hindquarters…)

*Va.’s transportation bill is unconstitutional (Verrrry interesting. Will this be the second major Virginia transportation package in half a dozen years partly, or fully, be thrown out in court? Stay tuned…)

*Republican Rep. Rigell to travel with Obama on Air Force One (“President Obama finally has a Republican standing with him on the sequester: Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell, who will travel with him Tuesday to Newport News, a White House official said.”)

*In Newport News shipyard, looming budget cuts create anxiety and anger

*Fairfax City ready to join Fairfax County water; water wars may be over

*Motorist who drove off Memorial Bridge into Potomac expected to survive


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