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Virginia Republicans Make Us All Look Like Wackos Once Again


The Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates has just wrapped up business for the day, and what a day it was! No, they didn’t help make Virginia a better place to live; they didn’t fix our transportation mess; they didn’t provide better health care to our citizens; they didn’t protect our environment; or anything else useful. Instead, they voted to make us all look like wackos – and of course to provide plenty of comic material to Jon Stewart – yet again.

Exhibit A: They passed “HJ 590 Commerce or currency; joint subcommittee to study whether State should adopt alternative medium.” That’s right, as Del. Surovell explains, House Republicans actually are going to spend “$17K to study minting our own Virginia metallic currency.” Priorities, priorities.

Exhibit B. Possibly even crazier than Exhibit A, if that’s humanly possible, is this bill, “Opposing United Nations Agenda 21” (“Recognizes the need to oppose United Nations Agenda 21 due to its radical plan of purported ‘sustainable development.’ The resolution states that the General Assembly recognizes the policy’s infringement on the American way of life and individual freedoms and ability to erode American sovereignty…”). Yes, this is utter tinfoil hat insanity. Despite that fact, it House of Delegates Republicans rammed it through earlier this evening, yet again on essentially party lines (one exception in both cases was the corrupt slimeball “Democrat” Johnny Joannou, who we can only hope will switch parties…).

Anyway, I know I’ll rest easier tonight knowing that here in Virginia, we’re a bit more secure from the evils of U.S. currency and the horrors of preventing our planet from becoming an uninhabitable hellhole. Thank you Virginia Republicans, what would we do without you guys?!?

  • kindler

    …to delusionalism.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Just imagine those crazies in the House if they can have Cooch as governor and can capture a Senate majority with their illegal redistricting…Time to investigate other places for normal, sane people to move to.

  • hereinva

    It must be good for VA. Interesting to note that

    the John Birch Society offers a template for state sponsored anti-A21 resolutions.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center covers the story here(3/12):


    VA’s resolution shares similar language.