Chopra submits 20,600 signatures for ballot access


    This afternoon, Aneesh Chopra's campaign for Virginia Lieutenant Governor submitted 20,630 petition signatures to qualify for ballot access in the June Democratic Primary. The minimum number of signatures required to appear on the ballot is 10,000. Chopra's campaign also surpassed the requirement of at least 400 signatures from each of the Commonwealth's 11 congressional districts.

    “This is a credit to the grassroots network that drives this campaign,” Chopra said upon delivering his petition signatures. “This is just one step along the road to victory, but I am incredibly proud of our efforts across the Commonwealth.”

    “Today wouldn't be possible without our dedicated and hardworking supporters and volunteers. I decided to run for Lieutenant Governor because I firmly believe that our state government can be smarter, faster, better, and fairer for all Virginians. This is a message that is resonating across the Commonwealth, and I look forward to engaging with more Virginians on it in the coming months.”

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