Video: Meet Ken Kookinelli Part Deux


    In short, if you liked Ken Kookinelli, you’re going to LOVE Ken Kookinelli Part Deux, aka Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. Like Cuckoo, this guy believes that “the most important role” for Virginia’s Attorney general isn’t fighting crime, or protecting consumers, or making sure that everyone’s rights are protected, or cracking down on fraud, but in “standing up to the federal government.”

    So, if (god forbid) Mark Obenshain ever becomes Virginia’s Attorney General, expect a virtual clone of Kookinelli, who Obenshain characterizes as a “great Attorney General” who has done a “very good job standing up for our rights.” You know, rights like…preventing women from having access to contraception or deciding with their doctors what to do regarding their own health care choices; like fighting to make sure that Big Oil can pollute with impunity and make sure we never transition to a clean energy economy; like fighting to deny science and persecute scientists; like persecuting and/or denying equal rights to gays and lesbians; etc, etc.

    Sound good? Nope, didn’t think so. What to do about it? A lot – and you can start by volunteering for Mark Herring’s AG campaign. Thanks.

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