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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 28.

*Court seems set to strike Defense of Marriage Act

*Why the Democrats are better off without Ashley Judd in Kentucky (I agree, this would have been a debacle.)

*Corporations Pay Historically Low Tax Rates While Lobbying To Make Them Even Lower (How do you like living in the new Robber Baron Era?)

*Hands off women’s health care (“The governor seeks to tell health insurance companies what they cannot cover.”)

*Business sense on Medicaid (“Refusing to expand the insurance program will affect working families as well as some Virginia employers.”)

*McAuliffe submits 35,000-plus signatures for ballot spot

*Poll: Virginians split over expanding Medicaid

*Warner Explains Change of Mind on Same-Sex Marriage

*McDonnell walks a fine ideological line

*Sen. Warner strikes bipartisan tone at Staunton event (LOL, it’s “news” that Mark Warner struck a “bipartisan tone?” That’s his whole brand, for god’s sake!)

*Groups ask McDonnell to issue felon-voting order

*McAuliffe strongly backs Medicaid expansion

*Virginia Chamber of Commerce names Howell Legislator of the Year (Hahahaha, that’s unintentionally hilarious, as Howell does the corporations’ bidding 24/7. He scratches their back, they scratch his. Charming.)

*Terry McAuliffe faces uphill climb against Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race

*Cuccinelli bid is GOP experiment (“Despite its Southern conservative history, Virginia is not Kansas or Oklahoma.”)

*Virginia governor’s candidates embrace popular Gov. Bob McDonnell

*Voters see Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell doing good job (Actually, 53% is a mediocre number.)

*Va. delegate ending legislative service after 5 decades (“Del. Lacey Putney of Bedford County won’t seek re-election to another term this November, bringing to a close a record-setting 52-year career in the Virginia House of Delegates.”)

*A bad deal dies at Virginia’s port

*Columbia Pike Streetcar Town Hall Gets Heated (“Several residents stayed afterward to thank the board members for their leadership on what’s turning out to be an increasingly difficult issue. “‘I came in skeptical but now I think the streetcar is a no-brainer,‘ one woman told Tejada after shaking his hand.” Exactly!)

*Shaka Smart staying at VCU


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