Chopra comments on Board of Health’s approval of TRAP


    TRAPArlington, VA – Today, the Virginia Board of Health voted to approve new regulations targeting health clinics that provide abortion services, despite a clear failure to fully evaluate alternatives as required by law. These regulations, which are burdensome and unnecessary, do nothing to protect women and do everything to limit access to reproductive care.

    Aneesh Chopra, candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor, released the following statement regarding the Board’s decision:

    “I am disappointed, but not surprised, by this latest attempt to limit a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Instead of listening to the vast majority of Virginians, the Board of Health instead bowed to pressure from out-of-touch politicians like Ken Cuccinelli.

    “Along with thousands of other Virginians, I submitted a public comment against these new regulations. More than 80% of the public comments submitted were in opposition to these regulations. The message is clear: the people of Virginia want their leaders to stop attacking women’s rights.

    “Today is a stark reminder of what’s at stake in this year’s elections. As Lt. Governor, I will fight every day to respect and empower women and protect their right to make their own healthcare decisions.”