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Major Cuccinelli Supporter: Women’s Rights Advocates Waging a “War on Women”


According to Concerned Women for America’s Janice Crouse, feminists are actually responsible for the “war on women.” Why? Let’s let her explain, in her own (bat****-crazy) words:

Why, then, do we even have to ask, ‘Is there a war on women?’ The war began as early as 1960. Since then, our nation has been experiencing a harsh cultural winter. Howling winds of change, insidious myths and outright falsehoods have undermined and torn apart the faith, values and morality that have held together a diverse and multicultural people.

These myths and those attacks, those falsehoods by those who present themselves as champions of women’s rights constitute a very real war on women. It’s a senseless war, promoting casual sex, spreading the myth that women don’t need marriage, and pushing the cultural and public policies that inevitably lead women to be the majority of those in poverty. That war against women has loosened and upended many of the foundation stones of the Judeo-Christian principles.

Uh huh…riiiight. So, why is this raving lunatic relevant to Virginia politics? Simple: because she’s a big-time Ken Cuccinelli supporter. See the “flip” for the flyer for a May 2011 event with Cuccinelli, Crouse, and another right-wing extremist nutjob (Penny Nance of extremist/homophobic/pro-creationist group “Concerned Women for America”). These are the close allies and political soulmates of Ken Cuccinelli. That should really say it all for any Virginian who cares about…well, just about anything, but definitely about our state not being turned into a bastion of intolerance, ignorance, and lunacy.


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