So, How is Ken Cuccinelli Any Less Crazy Than Joe Barton on Climate Change?


    This video of Rep. Joe Barton (R-ExxonMobil), in which he cites the Noah’s Ark Bible story as factual evidence that the climate’s been changing for a long time, is being widely mocked – and rightfully so – around the intertubes. Among other things, Barton completely ignores the reams of scientific evidence which make it crystal clear that mankind’s combustion of carbon-based fuels is what’s causing climate change (note: current CO2 levels are the highest in something like 15 million years).

    Of course, it’s absolutely not – repeat NOT! – a coincidence that Barton receives massive $$$ from carbon-based fuel companies. Nope, it’s no coincidence at all that those companies have a vested interest in being able to rake in billions in profits for as long as possible, even if they destroy the planet’s environment in the process, and that if they can buy up some ignorant fool politicians to help defend their interests, what the heck, they’ve got money to burn! Oh, and let’s not forget that ExxonMobil’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, admitted the other day that his “philosophy is to make money…If I can drill and make money, then that’s what I want to do.” Earth be damned, drill baby drill! Yee-haw!!!

    Anyway, so how is climate-science-denying theocrat Ken Cuccinelli any less crazy than Joe Barton? How is Ken Cuccinelli, who by the way has received $746,377 from the “Energy, Natural Resources” sector (mostly coal and coal-fired utilities), any less greedy than Rex Tillerson? And how on earth could any Virginian seriously consider electing a hybrid of crazy Joe Barton and greedy Rex Tillerson as their next governor?