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Stop the Virginia GOP From Disenfranchising Voters!


From Sen. Donald McEachin and Sen. Mark Herring:

Dear Friend, 

It keeps getting worse. Just last week, Governor Bob McDonnell signed an even more restrictive voter ID law that will discriminate against students, minorities and the poor.  


By eliminating bills, bank statements and other common proofs of identity, the law will disenfranchise voters across the Commonwealth.

Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Justice could still block this discriminatory law from taking effect. But Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is doing everything in his power to defend this right-wing power grab.

I believe the new photo ID mandate is unconstitutional and is in violation of everything I stand for. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and Attorney General candidate Mark Herring: tell the Justice Department to stand up to Cuccinelli and stop this discriminatory law.

Please – click here to add your voice – tell the Justice Department to stop the Virginia GOP from disenfranchising voters.

And it gets even worse. The two Tea Partiers vying to be Cuccinelli's successors – state Delegate Rob Bell and Senator Mark Obenshain pushed these voter ID bills through the state House and Senate, all under the guise of curbing “voter fraud.”

It's the same thing we hear over and over again from the far right – and it's exactly why we need my friend Mark in the AG’s office fighting to protect our rights and Democratic values.

Mark and I have had enough of the Republicans’ voter suppression schemes – haven’t

Tell the Justice Department to block GOP voter suppression. Sign our petition right now – before it’s too late.

The right to vote is under siege – let’s do all we can to protect it.


PS: Remember, we need as many signatures as possible.  Forward this email to a friend!   


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