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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, April 24.

*The deficit is falling fast. Can Washington accept victory? (It’s not “Washington,” it’s “Republicans.”

*As Israel adds claims, U.S. evaluating whether Syria used chemical weapons (It looks like Syria has crossed President Obama’s “red line” on use of chemical weapons. Now what?)

*What would the Koch brothers do to the Los Angeles Times? (“A newspaper isn’t just a business; it’s also a civic trust. The money men who have been plunked down on the Tribune board should remember that as they sell off the civic chronicles of some of America’s great cities.”)

*S.E.C. Is Asked to Require Disclosure of Donations (“The Securities and Exchange Commission may soon make publicly traded corporations disclose all of their political donations, and business groups are already preparing a counterattack.”)

*Budget Cuts, Minus the Inconvenience (“Republican leaders blame all the sequester pain on President Obama. Just read their Twitter feeds.”)

*Ken Cuccinelli’s Crazy Ambition (“Virginia’s AG is running for governor in 2013, but don’t rule out a bigger run in 2016”)

*Today’s top opinion: Mr. Bolling regrets

*Virginia opens Shanghai trade office

*McAuliffe releases abridged taxes, reports $8.2 million in income in 2011

*Indicted chef seeks info on McDonnell family conduct

*Dominion seeks approval today for gas-fired power plant in Brunswick (Until Dominion gets serious about energy efficiency and renewable energy, the answer to any such request shouldn’t just be “no” but “HELL NO!”)

*Anti-abortion group runs radio ad against McAuliffe

*Cosgrove has GOP challenger in Va. Senate special election

*In Democratic primary feud, Dance pledges to reject Republican campaign donations

*Arlington streetcar plans will proceed despite federal rejection (Great news that Arlington can apply for funding under the federal “New Starts” program, which could potentially pay for a bigger chunk of the project. Go streetcar!)

*The value of The Tide (Speaking of streetcar systems that deserve funding!)

*McDonnell: Low Bids, Smaller Toll Hikes

*Nationals suffer unkind flashback (“Washington manages just five hits and fall to .500 or worse for the first time since the final day of the 2011 season after enduring its eighth loss in 11 games.”)

*Washington Capitals clinch Southeast Division, No. 3 seed with 5-3 win over Jets