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Demand Ken Cuccinelli come clean; sign the petition!


From the Democratic Party of Virginia (image added by me): 

Ken Cuccinelli wants us to take him at his word.

He claims never to have discussed his friend Jonnie Williams's lawsuit against the Commonwealth — or the 1.7 million in unpaid taxes he still owes Virginia — with him.

But he flatly refuses to release their email correspondence to prove it, unless news organizations pay outrageous fees.

If Cuccinelli and Williams never emailed inappropriately about Star Scientific's legal battle over unpaid taxes, why not just release their correspondence?

Demand Ken Cuccinelli come clean — add your name to our petition calling on him to release his emails with Jonnie Williams.

If you're not caught up on the Star Scientific controversy, let me give you a quick rundown.

Since running for Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli received substantial gifts from Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams — more than $18,000 worth of free flights and vacations in one of Williams' homes.

At the same time, Cuccinelli let the lawsuit over Star Scientific's unpaid taxes languish in his office for over a year.

After being pressed by journalists, he claims never to have discussed the case with his friend. But he's still keeping their email correspondence from seeing the light of day.

Bottom line: while Cuccinelli wraps himself in a mantle of transparency and integrity, he's refusing to prove he didn't handle the Star Scientific case inappropriately.

Cuccinelli is doing a good job ignoring this question from the Virginia press corps, but I bet he'll be more responsive if Virginia voters demand he come clean.

Call on Ken Cuccinelli to prove he didn't act inappropriately in his dealings with Jonnie Williams.

We need a Governor we can trust at the helm.

Thanks for your help holding Ken Cuccinelli accountable,

Lauren Harmon
Executive Director

Virginia Democratic Party 


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