Dorothy McAuliffe Hits Back Against GOP Attacks: Terry “a wonderful husband and a great father”


    I’ve been eagerly waiting for Dorothy McAuliffe, who is a wonderful person by the way, to hit back against the relentless attacks by Republicans against her marriage to Terry McAuliffe. Note that among those Republicans are Ken Cuccinelli staffers (spokespersons Jahan Wilcox and Anna Nix), as well as Republican Party of Virginia chair Pat Mullins and Republican National Committee Chair Reince Preibus (see screenshots on the “flip”). No, these are NOT nice people. And yes, politics is rough. But this stuff’s really been nasty, even by the “standards” of politics. Good for Dorothy for fighting back (my favorite line: Cuccinelli “will have me to answer to if he wants to intrude on our family life for political attacks.“)!

    Statement from Dorothy McAuliffe on Recent Attacks

    Dorothy McAuliffe, wife of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, released the following statement in response to recent attacks:

    “I am surprised that Ken Cuccinelli and his spokespeople have latched on to a few anecdotes from Terry’s book in response to the incredible support Terry is getting from women across party lines in his campaign for governor. Terry and I had a lot of fun writing the book; it was a great opportunity to relive some of the experiences we’ve had in our over 25 years together.  While politics has become a negative and cynical business for some, Terry has used his humor, good cheer and innate optimism over many years to find ways to work with others to get things done.

    “The truth about Terry is that he is a wonderful husband and a great father — he is supportive, devoted, and caring. I have always stood beside him, and he has always stood beside me.

    “Anyone who knows Terry knows he is someone who respects women and the role we play in today’s world — and nobody knows that better than me. My husband’s opponent is underestimating the women of Virginia if he thinks he can distract us from the real issues that affect our lives and the lives of our daughters.  While Terry has always been there for me, I can stand on my own two feet and say that Mr. Cuccinelli should know that he will have me to answer to if he wants to intrude on our family life for political attacks.”


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