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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, May 25. Also, check out the video of our next Attorney General, Mark Herring, speaking to Virginia Education Association members.

*Women lead crackdown on military assaults

*Federal judge says Arizona sheriff was racially profiling (Arpaio should be the one in jail, wearing pink underwear. He’s a disgrace to America.)

*Sen. Kaine doesn’t expect White House veto of Atlantic offshore drilling bill (If true, that’s very unfortunate. Hopefully, Sen. Kaine is incorrect.)

*Politics Counts: Virginia’s Shift Could Break Streak

*When the Perfect and the Good Are Political Enemies (“The Virginia GOP base goes nuts for E.W. Jackson while sensible senators keep immigration reform alive.”)

*Would Cuccinelli cut, or protect, coal tax credits? (Whatever the Koch brothers and the coal companies TELL him to do, obviously!)

*In Virginia, Nominee Tests GOP Message

*Cuccinelli’s self-inflicted FOIA gunshot wound. (“In brief, this is not a matter on which intelligent minds may disagree. It’s a silly claim, and I find it baffling that the AG’s office would make it, especially when not actually refusing to release any information. Nothing is gained by this, and, as OAG discovered, much stood to be lost.”)

*Offshore Drilling In Virginia Would Threaten Coastal Economy, Environment, And Naval Operations (Any further questions on this one?)

*Charlottesville Democrats Criticize Cuccinelli’s Remarks on Public Pools

*Terry McAuliffe’s brother was once an abortion-clinic-protesting conservative activist. Now he’s a Democrat (Well that’s…uh, different! LOL)

*Maddow chides Virginia GOP’s hand-picked ‘slow-motion disaster’

*In Va., the gifts scandal keeps on giving

*Windy start to holiday weekend but turning warmer and nicer as it goes

*Nats open home stand with victory


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