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Video: Jim Webb Commends U.Va. Graduates


“Jim Webb, former U.S. Senator (D.-Va.) and Secretary of the Navy, makes note of many strong University of Virginia alumni in recognizing the day’s graduates.”

Jim Webb: “Our social programs…are solid, the safety net is there, we need to keep it there. Our challenges, which may be the greatest challenge of your generation, is to bring a full measures of economic fairness and social justice back to those who are in the middle – our working people, our small business owners, are the ones who always carry the American dream on their backs…Their place in our society has been severely damaged over the past several years…”

By the way, listening to this, the thought kept crossing my mind that one way or the other, Jim Webb is not done with serving this country, possibly in the political arena. He cares too deeply about economic fairness, social justice, and the place of our great nation in the world for it to be otherwise.  

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