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Virginia Tech Parent Peter Read Supports Ralph Northam


This week, Ralph Northam’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor released a robo-call by Peter Read, whose daughter Mary was killed during the Virginia Tech tragedy six years ago.  Mr. Read discusses why he supports Ralph Northam and believes he is the right person to lead the charge to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and implement universal background checks in Virginia.  Full audio and transcript below the fold.

Full audio found here: http://youtu.be/IMp0XX7sCAA

“I’m Peter Read.  My daughter Mary was one of 32 innocent people shot to death during the Virginia Tech tragedy.  I support Doctor Ralph Northam because he is firmly committed to protecting our children and is the first candidate running for Lieutenant Governor to support universal background checks, smaller magazines, and an assault weapons ban.  I’ve spoken directly and personally with Doctor Northam, and I know his commitment on this issue.  Ralph Northam voted to keep guns out of bars, close the gun show loophole, and limit one-gun per-month.  Join me in supporting Ralph Northam,” said Peter Read.

“As a veteran of the US Army, I have seen what military style weapons do to the human body while caring for our troops in Operation Desert Storm.  As a pediatric neurologist, I have sat at the bedside of children who have been shot and I’ve told parents that their children will not survive.  We need to get military-style assault weapons off our streets so schools and communities are safe for our children,” said Senator Ralph Northam.


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