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Audio: Mark Herring Blasts Mark Obenshain on Miscarriage Legislation


The good stuff starts at 3:00 into the audio, where Herring nails Obenshain on the “personhood” bill, which would essentially outlaw abortion and several common forms of birth control. As Herring puts it, that’s “so far out of the mainstream,” “indicative of a mindset that really puts women through the ringer” and “reflects a serious blind spot in [Obenshain’s] judgment.” Then, at 4:30, the discussion turns to Obenshain’s crazy/extreme bill to require women to report incidents of miscarriage to the police within 24 hours. Again, Herring says that this is indicative of a mindset that is “way outside the mainstream.” I mean, seriously? Criminalize women for having a miscarriage? How do Republicans find these people, let alone nominate them for high office?!? Anyway, the important thing is to make sure that Mark Obenshain never becomes Attorney General and to make absolutely sure that Mark Herring IS our next Attorney General. I am SO looking forward to January 2014 when Attorney General Herring is sworn in, I can’t tell you!

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