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Video: Paul Ferguson, Mark Herring Speak at “Meet and Greet” in Arlington


Arlington County Clerk of the Court Paul Ferguson introduces Virginia’s next Attorney General, Mark Herring, at a “meet and greet” last night in Arlington. Ferguson stresses Mark Herring’s superb qualifications and experience for the job. One thing I learned that I didn’t know was that Herring was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, just over the line from Gate City, Virginia. According to Ferguson, this could help Herring get votes in Southwestern Virginia (Ferguson joked that Herring could be like Bob McDonnell, who “was from every area of the state” when he ran in 2009).

Next, Mark Herring introduced himself, talked about his election to the State Senate…(continued on the “flip”)

…his accomplishments in the Senate on education, transportation, protecting seniors from financial fraud, fighting for women’s rights and LGBT rights; working to protect voting rights and implement health care reform in Virginia; etc. Herring said if there’s one thing we can thank Ken Cuccinelli for, it’s that he’s demonstrated how important the Attorney General’s office is. Unfortunately, as Herring pointed out, Cuccinelli has “abused” the office to impose policies that are “way outside the mainstream,” that he’s “sick and tired” of that, and that he will run the Attorney General’s office by always putting the law first. Herring vowed to make the Attorney General’s office work for all Virginians. He emphasized that the Republican ticket is all “far, far to the right” (e.g., Mark Obenshain’s legislation to criminalize miscarriages). He asked everyone to vote for him on June 11 and to volunteer for his campaign if possible.

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