Breakfast of Champions


    If you have not yet read today’s WashPost article detailing how the McDonnell clan charged personal items to us Virginia taxpayers, please take a few minutes and read it.…

    The short version is this:  The Guvnah and Mrs. Guvnah and all the Little Guvnahs . . . regardless of who they are . . . require personal things such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and the like.  They must buy this themselves.  The Guvnah’s mansion buys food and feeds them.

    The McDonnell family charged several personal items to the taxpayers, including “. . . body wash, sunscreen, dog vitamins and a digestive system ‘detox cleanse,’ . . . ”  When told by the auditors they can’t do this, the McDonnell’s reimbursed the state.

    Go below the fold for the really, really good stuff.

    Here’s a clip from the WashPost article:

    The McDonnells directly pushed back on one front, insisting that the state continue to pay for their energy drinks. The governor’s chief of staff, Martin Kent, overruled Johnson to allow the drinks at state expense.

    “While other governors and spouses may have had bacon and eggs, or cereal, or etc for breakfast, Governor McDonnell drinks Boost every morning, and the First Lady has a 5-Hour energy and/or a Boost,” Martin wrote. “That is their breakfast. And that is why those items are covered, just like breakfast is covered for EVERY Governor and First Lady.”

    Yep, looks as though the Guvnah and Mrs. Guvnah start their day with a shot of 5-Hour Energy Drink and “Boost.”  Boost is a “nutritional drink;” you can read more here:

    My momma always told me breakfast was the most important meal of the day and I was not about to skip it for any reason.  Wonder what the Guvnah’s momma would say to his breakfast of Boost and 5-Hour Energy Drink?  And what’s for lunch at the mansion . . . Red Bull??

    I’ll stick with biscuits and gravy.


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