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Cooch-Jackson Bromance Continues: “We were texting just this morning..he’s got a lot to teach me”


From the Democratic Party of Virginia, this would be hilarious if it weren't so horrible. Also, great job on the graphic by American Bridge! 

As Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson get used to running on a ticket together, it looks like their chemistry continues to grow.

Over the weekend we learned that Cuccinelli may have been the first one to suggest that Jackson compete for the Lieutenant Governor’s slot on the Republican ticket.

Since Jackson won that battle, Cuccinelli has been emphatic about howRepublicans made the right choice in Jackson, saying “I'm confident that we're going to get the right vote every single time out of E.W. Jackson, so I'm glad he's on this ticket." 

And now we're learning that the relationship between the two has gone from saying kind things on stage to trading campaign tips over the phone. 

Today the conservative National Review published a story that further cements the bromance, with Jackson revealing that he and Cuccinelli “were texting just this morning” and admitting that Cuccinelli’s “got a lot to teach me.” 

Reading Jackson’s comments throughout the rest of the story, it’s not hard to see how much Cuccinelli is imparting on his eager student:


“After all, he argued, supporters of abortion rights argue that a fetus isn’t a human and doesn’t have rights of its own. 

‘”That sounds exactly like what they were saying during slavery times!’ he said. ‘So if anybody asks you, please clarify.”’

“After criticizing American culture, which he described as degenerate, Jackson said that the political process won’t cure what ails our country.”


"Among the American cultural problems Jackson identified were the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage, the prevalence of abortion, and the social unacceptability of corporal punishment."


“Another cultural problem: that 50 percent of Americans, according to Jackson, depend on the government. 

‘“That becomes a kind of pseudo-slavery,’ he said. ‘They get a guaranteed subsistence, which only breeds lethargy.’ He followed that with another caveat: If you’re disabled and can’t work, there’s no shame in taking support from the government.”

“Laws reflect morality, he continued; same-sex-marriage legislation and drug-legalization legislation reflect moral systems of belief. 

‘“The only question is, whose vision of moral rectitude does it reflect?’ he said. 

“Jackson added that the only question about morality is whether it is created by humans or by God. If humans made morality, “then we’re in the fight of our lives, because you know who wins that fight? Whoever’s got the most guns.” Remember, he said, Hitler said killing Jews was moral. If moral standards don’t come from God, “then we just have to fight it out.” 

“He said he talks with Cuccinelli every two or three days — ‘In fact, we were texting just this morning’ — and is learning a lot from his party’s gubernatorial candidate. 

'''Look, this is my first rodeo as a statewide general-election candidate,’ Jackson told me. ‘It’s not his, and so he’s got a lot to teach me.’ 

“And Jackson seems eager to learn.” 

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